Propeller onlus resources are used in the purchase and distribution of life-saving medicines in Africa.

Matteo Brusoni

Born in Milan, a degree in Political Sciences, three children. After twenty years working for different Corporations, he eventually started his own business. Together with the other founding members of Propeller Onlus he organized several journeys to Africa. During these visits, many ideas were born. 11 months after the completion of a journey from Milan to Cape Town, he created Propeller Onlus with the aim to turn into reality these dreams.

Lorenzo Alati

Born in Florence, three children. After twenty years living in Paris as an entrepreneur, he moved to Milan with his family. His travel experience in Africa made him decide to actively participate in the Propeller project.

Marco Salvini

Born in Milan, a degree in Architecture, two children, Managing Director in a multinational Real Estate development company. He is the “Philosopher“ of the group, however his commitment with Propeller is focused to make things happen.