In Africa there is a limited but significant number of small health facilities, the Poste de Santé, Moreover, there are additional structures of International Aid and those related to the Church.Propeller resources are used to purchase and to deliver drugs at the most convenient price. The project was started spontaneously in 2007; when we personally realized the constant lack of basic drugs. Several packs have already been delivered and the number is constantly growing. However, the number of deliveries is subject to the financial resources actually available to purchase the medicines. With an adequate economical coverage, we would be able to deliver up to 300packs per year. The project in based on a direct distribution to the Poste de Santé of life-saving drugs and medical tools, with a special attention to childhood diseases. The distribution takes place through a direct involvement of overland travelers to Africa, both for tourism and for business. The headquarter of Propeller is located in Milan, a focal point for European travelers to Africa. The packs are tracked until the delivery and a receipt proves their final destination. In some cases, the doctors receiving our packs send us updates about the delivery and stocks.